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Why You Should Do Something That Sucks

Written by Philipp

Inspired by CamMi Pham’s post, I decided to push through and record this video.

Recording regular videos was my new years resolution from last year. And 2015 passed without me getting into that habit.

Don’t get me wrong. I tried. And then I had excuses.

I do have excuses now.

  • I wanted to wait until I get my haircut.
  • I wanted to wait until I get a better camera
  • I wanted to wait until the lighting is better (not easy to catch perfect daylight in european winter…!)
  • And ultimately I wanted to wait until my English is perfect

Well, pretty clear that the perfect scenario will never arrive.

Now reading article You Will Always Suck at What You Do, Until You Do This on Medium made me finally doing it. The message pushing me over the edge is dead simple:

The 100 first videos will suck

Actually, the 100 first things of anything you will do will suck. But that’s ok. Do it anyhow!

So better get used to my face, my German accent and my simple insights. They’re here to stay!

Up to you: What are you currently postponing? Let me know on YouTube!

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