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The Four Simple Pillars for Building Beneficial Habits

Written by Philipp

Watch out: Simple doesn’t mean easy!

But: simple things can be very, very impactful.

In this video I’m referencing Gretchen Rubin’s “Better Than Before”, and share my key take-aways with you.

Nutshellized: There are four pillar habits, and if you master those, it will be easier for you to take on new habits. I’ll go into the “why” in a minute. The four pillar habits are:

  1. Sleep – For most of us this means sleeping more and sleeping better.
  2. Move – Physical exercise, any kind of sport or workout. Regularely.
  3. Eat and drink right – A good diet and not drinking to much alcohol.
  4. Unclutter – Not accumulating stuff that clutters your space or mind.

So it’s not a secret, nor a revolutionary insight that having basic control over those four things is a good thing, is it? But what I find interesting in Gretchen Rubin’s take on those is, that, if in place, they will help you taking on new habits. The reason being that they signalize your conscious as well as subconscious that you have your shit together.

After all, you are not tired, are moving enough and heating healthy, and your household isn’t a mess. That’s a good foundation. Solid pillars to build upon.

Looked at it differently: Having one of those out of control, will simply make it tremendously difficult for being disciplined enough for taking on new habits.

So let’s go and get the four pillar habits in order!

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