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Why Making a Lot of Money Is Not an Unspiritual Thing to Do

Written by Matthew

I used to believe that money was the root of all evil. I had no interest in gaining it, and felt an almost underlying guilt if I began to accumulate. I thought that money was an ‘unspiritual’ entity.

This is not a very sustainable attitude to take, and over time it only ever causes a sort of cognitive dissonance – a dissonance that is caused by wanting to be above and beyond the desire for money, but at the same time needing it to survive and to live the life that you want to live.

Luckily, I came round from my negative concepts of money. First I was introduced to the term ‘survival tickets’ which emphasizes the need, at least for most people in the world, to earn money as a way to survive.

A friend recently introduced me to the even more palatable phrase of ‘earth tokens’, which goes further than survival and allows us to accept money as our unit of trade here on this planet.

Negative Beliefs about Money Can Negatively Affect Your Life

Seeing money making as being contrary to your spiritual advancement is a recipe for disaster. You are only likely to create blockages for yourself if you take this view. Holding the belief that earning, saving, and enhancing your life with money is wrong can cause you to actively fight against it. It can cause inaction. It can cause you to hold back on your own possibilities in life.

Negative beliefs about money affect you on every level. Physically they can cause inaction and suffering, because you are neglecting a survival need. Mentally you can feel tension, stress, and dissonance from trying to block money out of your reality. Spiritually you can feel disconnected from yourself, as you take austere approaches that combine with guilt for the pleasures that having enough money can bring.

Will Money Make You Happy?

I don’t believe that money can make you happy. Not in and of itself. In my own life I have observed no greater level of happiness after a certain point of being able to meet my needs, and to live the life that I want to live.

Greed and desire will not make you happy. Using money for power will not make you happy. Seeing the accumulation of wealth as being the most important aspect of life barely qualifies as spiritual.

Having said that I am happy to be able to support my family, to be able to pay my bills on time, and to be able to afford myself periods of travel in which I can explore the world. I also don’t feel guilty when money comes to me in larger amounts than I am accustomed to. Why would I?

To be honest, I prefer it when my survival needs are met, and my mind and spirit can concern themselves with endeavors that I enjoy – art and music and meditation. If I end up with more than enough money, I can use it in a positive way to help the people around me, and to enjoy and expand myself with life experience.

And here is perhaps where we can make a distinction. The little piece of paper in your pocket does not radiate happiness. It is just a piece of paper. It is, in a lot of ways, utterly neutral – at least as far as your life is concerned. How you make the money, and how you use it, is what really matters.

Money as the Transfer of Energy

In an ideal world there would be less corruption, less greed, less fear, and more equality. The way that money has been handled by those who use it to gain power is nothing short of unacceptable and inhumane. Our neutral and mutual currency of trade has been somewhat tarnished by its misuses.

But is money truly to blame for this? Is it the piece of paper, which represents nothing more than an agreement of trade, that is evil, or is it the way in which some people have chosen to use it?

If you were to gain large amounts of money, could you trust yourself to do good with it? This is really the question that you want to ask yourself. Perhaps it is not money that is unspiritual. Perhaps the fear comes from believing that having more money will unlock your darker sides: arrogance, power, control, desire for materials.

If you can overcome this fear, and know that you can trust yourself to remain in tune with your spirit, even during the accumulation of wealth, then you will be in a much better place for attracting it.

If our ‘earth tokens’ are seen as being spiritually and energetically neutral, then it is YOU and I that put the positive or negative spin on it. We are the main component of the energetic exchange that money enables, and (like always) it is our intentions that decide the nature of this exchange.

Adopting the view of money as an energy transfer is a much more valuable perspective than the ‘root of all evil’ perspective. It is much less restrictive, and much more empowering. It places you and your responsibility as being crucial to the transactions of money. It allows you to stay in vibrational harmony with money making, and attract more into your life.

The way that you earn your money, and what you do with it when you have it, is therefore of much more concern than how much of it you have.

How to Stay Good Friends with Money

If you are concerned with how making money might affect your spiritual journey, then just ask yourself whether you believe your exchanges are positive, or at the very least neutral. By staying good friends with money, and integrating it into your energetic framework for the world, you can enjoy growth in both a physical and spiritual sense, without restriction.

Money can be used very positively indeed. The act of giving and receiving is a spiritual one. Providing for loved ones, kind acts of charity to friends and strangers alike, and using money in order to achieve a noble goal – all are positive ways to use money.

Money can also be earned by doing good for the world. Anyone who thinks that an artist, counsellor, life coach, or spiritual authority should not be paid for their good service is missing the point. If you can do more of what you love, and earn money by being kind and compassionate, then why not do it?

In order to make money and still retain your sense of spirituality, aim to stay within a positive energetic relationship with the neutral currency of trade:

  • Try to focus on doing what you love and what betters yourself and the world, rather than making money the end goal.
  • If money comes from it, no matter how much, use it positively and do not let it corrupt your quest for self.
  • Use money to give to those around you in a constructive manner. Use it to share and to help people. See it as a way in which you can make positive changes, both to your own life, and to other people’s.


Making money is not an unspiritual thing to do. When we can take responsibility for our role in the energetic exchange, then we begin to see how money fits into our spiritual life. Seen in this way, it is up to us to maintain a healthy relationship with money and materiality, and to balance this with other aspects of our life.

Further than this, we can use money to advance our spiritual aims, and to participate in the act of giving. Money can become positive if our intentions are pure.

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