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Hacking happiness

Written by Philipp

Hacking happiness

By now you have probably noticed my obsession for utilizing leverage in daily life. The small hacks that you can implement in your daily routine for, well, big things like having a better life.

Today I want to share another one of those with you:

The effects: more happiness, more gratefulness, more joy in life.
Your investment: 2 minutes per day.

Sounds up your alley? Great – so read on, make it through some hippiesque vocabulary, try it out and see the beneficial effects in just a week.

Sorry, I don’t have a fancy name or registered trademark for it. It’s simply called the practice of gratitude.

If being happy in life is one of your goals, appreciating the times when you’ve been happy is crucial. Ask yourself:

  • What were the best moments of the day?
  • When was I truly satisfied today?
  • What kind of moments do I want more of?

And write those answers down. It’s fine even if it amounts to only one or two sentences by the end of the day. Or whenever you happen to be inspired.

You’ll recognize after a few days that you’ve been feeding your subconscious with the desire of creating more of those moments. And it’ll help you do so. You will want to write amazing things down at the end of your day after all!

As often with these kinds of hacks, they sound too banal to really consider practicing them. Mentally they’re not in the least complex, and you can grasp the concept within seconds. But try to be a bit experimental – just understanding the concept isn’t the same as feeling its effects.

How to keep track of the exercise and not forget it? Easy: Smartphone! Set a repeating reminder. 9pm is a good time for me. You can also use a diary (e.g. DayOne) which reminds you and also allows you to write things down. But of course you can use a physical journal, post-its, Evernote, or whatever fits your routine. You can also sign up at artofgratitude.com and receive a daily email which you just have to reply to. Whatever does it for you!

I personally felt the effects after a week of doing this. Shoot me a line if you recognize a change too.

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