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5 Surprising Reasons Why You’d Better Not Skip Your Meditation Today

Written by Philipp

We all know that meditation is great. But every single day there is still this voice that says something along the lines of:  “nah, it doesn’t matter if I skip it today… who cares?!”.

Don’t listen to it.

Don’t skip it.

Here are some great reasons why not.

1. You’ll need fewer painkillers


Yep! And it’s backed by science: it’s been proven that in the brains of Zen meditators  those parts of the brain that are responsible for regulating pain are more highly developed (yes, we’re obviously talking about the anterior cingulate region).

It’s actually a thickening process of that specific gray matter that happens during regular, long-term meditation practice. If you want to geek out on it, read more here.

But better: hop on your meditation cushion.

2. It’ll make you love music more


A study in the Psychology of Music Journal confirms that people who meditate before listening to music appreciate what they are listening to more. It’s of course an unscientific thing to say that this might also be the case with all the senses and with quality of life in general. But thank god we have other studies also confirming that.

For now, here goes: the more you meditate, the more you’ll enjoy listening to music. And that definitely can make your day.

3. You’ll have a smoother menopause


Given that your sex has planned menopause for you later on (or you’re already in it), meditation can make it much more comfortable. Especially when it comes to cooling down hot flashes, mindful meditation can help.

Studies show a decrease of 39% in the frequency of hot flashes.

Side effect: A 28% improvement was also seen in overall quality of life.

4. It’s basically nothing less than a fountain of youth


Or speaking scientifically: Meditation leads to significantly higher telomerase activity. Which is responsible for long-term cellular viability.

This again can lead to longer telomeres, which means that you’re likely to live longer.

And also live better: in addition, cognitive decline over age is reduced.

5. So, it probably also cures Aids, right?


Nope sorry.

But it actually can slow the progression of HIV. How’s that for meditation being a super power?

Technically it reduces the decline in lymphocyte content. Lymphocytes (white blood cells) are the “brain” of the body’s immune system, and are particularly important for HIV positive people.


So while those facts are actually somewhere between crazy and too good to be true, they’re completely backed by science.

The takeaway that we hope to get across is: even if those symptoms or diseases are not on your plate right now, hopping onto your meditation cushion will for sure do more good than harm.

Take that time to center yourself every day. If you struggle, get back to this post, dive a bit deeper, and inspire yourself.

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